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West Texas Roadtrip
Trip Summaries

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The skies were cloudy for much of the day. Toward the end of the day, the winds were very strong, which caused blowing dust across west Texas. The dust was so bad that the sky in El Paso was red due to the dust. I drove 708 miles on this day from Oklahoma City to El Paso. After I arrived in El Paso, I went to church and spent some time with some friends of mine who are serving the Lord at a church there. That was the highlight of this day.

Day One Trip Log:
Departed Oklahoma City, OK: 7:22 AM; mile 116,926
Love's (Hollis, OK) - Break - 9:58 AM; mile 117,096
Shell (Childress, TX) - Gas - 10:33 AM; mile 117,129
KFC/Long John Silver's (Brownfield, TX) - Lunch - 1:25-1:45 PM; mile 117,320
Fina (Carlsbad, NM) - Gas - 3:05 PM MDT; mile 117,465
Arrived Holiday Inn Express (El Paso, TX) - 5:45 PM; mile 117,634

Thursday, April 6, 2006

The skies on this day was the exact opposite of Day One. It was mostly sunny for most of the day. Almost half of this day's 696 miles were on Interstate 25. The day began with a trip down unsigned Interstate 110 in El Paso, which was the final interstate mileage I needed to drive to clinch all of Texas' interstate mileage. I ended this day in Lubbock.

Day Two Trip Log:
Departed Holiday Inn Express (El Paso, TX) - 7:58 AM; mile 117,656
New Mexico Tourist Information Center - 8:45 AM; mile 117,692
Conoco (Williamsburg, NM) - Gas - 10:08 AM; mile 117,791
Valvoline Instant Oil Change (Albuquerque, NM) - Oil Change - 12:20 PM; mile 117,953
Phillips 66 (Santa Rosa, NM) - Gas - 3:25 PM; mile 118,130
Arrived Comfort Inn (Lubbock, TX) - 7:58 PM CDT; mile 118,352

Friday, April 7, 2006

From Lubbock to Amarillo, the skies were clear. Once I reached Amarillo, however, the skies quickly turned cloudy, and it was that way for the rest of the day. Also, for the final 80 miles from Clinton to Oklahoma City, it rained for all of that part of the trip. I drove 424 miles on this day.

Day Three Trip Log:
Departed Comfort Inn (Lubbock, TX) - 8:52 AM; mile 118,352
Texas Tourist Information Center (Amarillo, TX) - 11:17 AM; mile 118,504
Shell (Amarillo, TX) - Gas - 11:23 AM; mile 118,504
Dairy Queen (Panhandle, TX) - Lunch - 11:52 AM-12:26 PM; mile 118,531
Arrived Home (Oklahoma City, OK) - 4:13 PM; mile 118,776

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Last updated: April 10, 2006