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DE 30

Highway Review:
DE 30 spans 44 miles throughout Sussex County. It runs east-west for its first 10 miles, then goes north-south for the remaining 34 miles. Despite its distance, the highway travels directly through just one town, Millsboro.

Highway Information:
Distance: 44.4 miles
Counties traveled through: Sussex
Highway intersections: U.S. 13 (Mile 0.5), DE 26/54 (Mile 10.7), DE 54 (Mile 12.3), DE 26 (Mile 15.6), DE 24 (Mile 16.5), U.S. 113/DE 20 (Mile 21.5), DE 24 (Mile 22.3), U.S. 9 (Mile 30.7), DE 16 (Mile 36.1), DE 1 (Mile 44.4)
Highway duplexes: DE 54 (Miles 10.7-12.3, 1.6 miles), DE 26 (Miles 10.7-15.6, 4.9 miles), DE 24 (Miles 16.5-22.3, 5.8 miles)

Delmar Rd.

"END DE 30" sign at Delmar Rd. Most maps think that U.S. 13 is
the western terminus of DE 30, and common sense would think
that it is. But the highway goes half a mile west of U.S. 13 to end
at Delmar Rd. (Or Bi-State Blvd., as it is called in Delmar) (Photo
taken 3/18/03)
DE 30 East assurance shield just east of Delmar Rd. (Photo
taken 3/18/03)


DE 30 East assurance shield just east of U.S. 13. The highway's
next intersection is DE 26/54 in ten miles. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 30 West approaching U.S. 13. There is no signage for the
highway at the actual intersection. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 30 West assurance shield just west of U.S. 13. The highway
comes to an end in half a mile. (Photo taken 3/18/03)
DE 30 East at DE 26/DE 54 near Gumboro. (Photo taken
DE 26/30/54 West at DE 30 West south of Gumboro. The three
highways are triplexed for slightly over 1.5 miles. (Photo taken
Another view of DE 26/DE 30/DE 54 West at DE 30 West, as
seen four and a half months later. (Photo taken 8/3/03)
DE 26/DE 30/DE 54 East assurance shields just north of DE
30 West. (Photo taken 8/3/03)
Small assurance shields for DE 26/30/54 West are seen here
just to the south of DE 54. (Photo taken 3/17/03)
DE 26/DE 30/DE 54 East at DE 54 East in Gumboro. (Photo
taken 8/3/03)
DE 26/DE 30 East at DE 26 East. DE 30 continues straight
ahead and will intersect DE 24 in less than a mile. (Photo
taken 8/3/03)
DE 30 West at DE 26 East. (Photo taken 8/4/03)

DE 24/DE 30 West at DE 24 West. (Top photo taken 8/4/03,
bottom photo taken 8/5/03)
DE 30 North at Alternate DE 5 near Milton. (Photo taken 8/5/03)
DE 30/Alternate DE 5 North at DE 16. This is the northern
terminus of Alternate DE 5. There is no "END" sign at this
terminus for that route. DE 30 continues ahead for another
eight miles before ending at DE 1 in Milford.
(Photo taken

DE 1, east of Milford

"END DE 30" sign as the highway comes to an end in
Milford. The road becomes Business DE 1. The
embankment to the right connects Business DE 1 South to
DE 1 South. (Photo taken 8/5/03)
DE 30/Business DE 1 South assurance shields as DE 30
begins. Business DE 1 lasts for just a few more feet before
ending at the on-ramp to DE 1 South. (Photo taken 8/5/03)