Miscellaneous Pictures

This page contains other pictures I took during the Fields Trip that don't have to do with the main roads I was on. This includes pictures from roads I exited off at for food or breaks, interesting vehicles I saw off the highway, pictures of the hotels I stayed at, the Field of Dreams, baseball stadiums, and more.

Day One
Monday, May 19, 2003

View from the 1st-base side of the
outside of Rosenblatt Stadium in
Omaha. The stadium is home of the
Omaha Royals AAA team and the
College World Series.
View from the home plate side of
the outside of Rosenblatt Stadium.
This night, the Omaha Royals
defeated the Oklahoma Redhawks
The Motel 6 of Omaha, Nebraska.

Day Two
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The house seen in "Field of Dreams."
View from behind home plate at
the Field of Dreams. (From here on,
I will use FOD for Field of Dreams)
Looking towards 3rd base and a
souvenir stand at the FOD.
Looking more towards the field at
the FOD.
View from home plate, with the
mound, 2nd base, and center field
in the background.
View down the 1st base line. I got
someone else's picture of them
about to take pictures of their family!
View from 2nd base, looking toward
home plate.
Close-up of signs advertising the
FOD souvenir shop and the FOD
Close-up of the rules of the FOD.
Another view of the Lansing family
The official FOD Souvenir Shop.
The other one (pictured above) is
owned by a local bank.
The sign that welcomes you to the
And finally, the sign you see as you
leave the FOD.
The Motel 6 of Davenport, Iowa.
John O'Donnell Stadium in Davenport,
Iowa. That night, I saw the West
Michigan Whitecaps beat the home
team, the Quad City River Bandits,

Day Three
Wednesday, May 21, 2003

View of the Mississippi River from
the Mississippi Rapids Welcome
Center in Illinois.
View of the El Train roaring down the
tracks in Chicago. This track runs
down the median of Interstate 290.
IN 49 North at Interstate 94 East -
Detroit, near Chesterton, Indiana.

Day Four
Thursday, May 22, 2003

"M-21 ENDS" sign at M-37 in Grand
Rapids. A "Michigan Left" is required
for access to each direction of M-37.
M-21 East at Interstate 96 West.
M-21 West at Interstate 96 West/
M-37 North - Grand Rapids/

Day Five
Friday, May 23, 2003

The Drury Inn of Fenton, Missouri.

Day Six
Saturday, May 24, 2003

"END MO 64" sign at Interstate 44
in Lebanon. The highway is also
MO 5 South and MO 32 East at
this point. This is MO 64's eastern

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Miscellaneous Pictures

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