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South Texas Roadtrip Part 2
Trip Summaries

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The skies remained cloudy for almost the entire day. I left Oklahoma City just after 6:30 am and drove through sprinkles until I got to Texas. Once I got past Gainesville, the rain stopped, but the clouds remained. I drove 685 miles on this day from Oklahoma City through Dallas and Houston. I clinched hidden Interstate 345 and Interstate 610 on this day. I also drove most of the George Bush Turnpike and all of the Hardy Toll Road and the Sam Houston Tollway/Parkway (Beltway 8). I ended up in Sealy for the night.

Day One Log:
Departed Home (Oklahoma City, OK) - 6:35 AM; mile 87,933
Murphy USA (Oklahoma City, OK) - Gas - 6:37 AM; mile 87,933
Texas Travel Information Center - 8:37 AM; mile 88,064
Whataburger (Garland, TX) - Break - 10:15 AM; mile 88,153
Wendy's (Corsicana, TX) - Lunch - 11:31-11:49 AM; mile 88,233
Love's (Fairfield, TX) - Gas - 12:20 PM; mile 88,265
Arrived Holiday Inn Express (Sealy, TX) - 5:54 PM; mile 88,618

Thursday, March 17, 2005

After cloudy skies during all of Day One, the skies were sunny for all of Day Two. There were barely any clouds in the sky. I drove 759 miles along mostly Interstate 10 and Interstate 20, with a sidetrip along Interstate 410. After this day was complete, I could say that I have driven all miles of interstate in the state of Texas (except for the 0.92 mile hidden Interstate 110 in El Paso). I ended up in Midland for this night. Also on this day, I paid over $2/gallon for gas for the first two times in my life ($2.07/gallon in Junction, and a whopping $2.39/gallon in Kent!) The reason behind paying so much for gas in Kent is because what happened during Day Two of the Spring Training 2004 Roadtrip happened all over again! As in I had not much gas left near Interstate 20's western terminus! But I discovered that a gas station is now open at the infamous Toyah exit. The price per gallon there on this day: $1.92/gallon! But I didn't know that there was actually a gas station open at that exit now!)

Day Two Log:
Departed Holiday Inn Express (Sealy, TX) - 6:58 AM; mile 88,619
Exxon (Boerne, TX) - Break - 10:23 AM; mile 88,859
Diamond Shamrock/McDonald's (Junction, TX) - Gas/Lunch - 11:41 AM-12:00 PM; mile 88,947
Shell (Ft. Stockton, TX) - Break - 2:40 PM; mile 89,151
Chevron (Kent, TX) - Gas - 3:57 PM; mile 89,232
Arrived Comfort Inn (Midland, TX) - 6:00 PM; mile 89,378

Friday, March 18, 2005

This day was pretty straightforward. I left Midland just after 9 AM and headed towards home. I spent some time on U.S. 277 between Abilene and Wichita Falls, then took Interstate 44 to home. The skies were clear once again which made for beautiful picture backgrounds.

Day Three Log:
Departed Comfort Inn (Midland, TX) - 9:13 AM; mile 89,379
Shell (Stamford, TX) - Gas - 11:59 AM; mile 89,571
Subway (Haskell, TX) - Lunch - 12:20-12:44 PM; mile 89,586
Arrived Home (Oklahoma City, OK) - 4:18 PM; mile 89,822

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Page created: March 16, 2005
Last updated: July 03, 2005