Miscellaneous Pictures

This page has pictures I took during Delaware Trip Part Two that had nothing to do with the main highways I took. Pictures included here are those from side roads that had services that I used during the trip, pictures of the hotels I stayed at, and pictures from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

Day One
Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Official Car of, as seen
just before the trip began.
The worst Motel 6 I have ever stayed at;
this one's in Monroe, Louisiana. Just
looking at this picture brings back bad

Day Two
Wednesday, July 30, 2003

U.S. 165 North at Interstate 20 - Shreveport/
Vicksburg exit.
35th Street west at Interstate 359/AL 69
North/U.S. 11 South in Tuscaloosa.
35th Street west at Interstate 359/AL 69
South/U.S. 11 North in Tuscaloosa.
35th Street east at Interstate 359/AL 69
North/U.S. 11 South in Tuscaloosa. Notice
the mostly-white Interstate 359 shield.
The schoolhouse where George Wallace
gave his speech to prevent court-ordered
desegregation at the University of Alabama.
This plaque, located near the door, tells
more about that historic day.
Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the
Alabama Crimson Tide's football team,
with Rama Jama's restaurant in the
This is the scariest picture I took the whole
trip! On the left, Chris Patriarca, and on the
right, Eric Stuve, webmaster of
The night after I stayed in the worst Motel
6 I had ever experienced, I got to stay in
a new one. This one is in Lithia Springs,
Georgia, which is about 15 miles west of

Day Three
Thursday, July 31, 2003

GA 6 North at Interstate 20 East in Lithia
Interstate 75/Interstate 85 South at
Exit 244 - University Avenue, in Atlanta.
Interstate 75/Interstate 85 North
approaching Exit 247 - Interstate 20 -
1 mile.
Interstate 75/Interstate 85 North at Exit
245 - Abernathy Blvd./Capitol Ave./
Turner Field.
Turner Field, home of the Atlanta
Braves, my favorite baseball team.
This parking lot was where Atlanta-
Fulton County Stadium once stood. It
was the home of the Braves from 1966
to 1996.
GA 81 North at GA 36 in Covington.
GA 81 North at GA 12 in Covington.
GA 12 is also U.S. 278.
The Motel 6 of Fayetteville, North

Day Four
Friday, August 1, 2003

NC 53/NC 210 North at Interstate 95
North - Benson.
The Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic
Ocean, as seen from near the gift
shop on the Chesapeake Bay

Day Seven
Monday, August 4, 2003

The Lewes terminal of the Cape May-
Lewes Ferry.
Good-bye, Delaware!
The official car on the ferry.
Continuing on the ferry...
Yours truly with the Atlantic Ocean
somewhere behind him.
More pictures along the way...
No land in sight!
I can see land!
A boat zooms by on the Delaware
Almost there...
Getting closer...
Back to the mainland!
CR-651 North at CR-653 near
Pleasantville, New Jersey. CR-651
connects the Garden State Parkway
to U.S. 40 and U.S. 322.
Atlantic Ave. north approaching the
Atlantic City Expressway.
Caesar's casino in Atlantic City.
Atlantic Ave. North at the Atlantic
City Expressway.
Turning the camera 90 degrees to
the left from the last picture, you see
this view. All right, there's a Mickey
D's here!
The Atlantic City Convention Center,
located at the southern end of the
Atlantic City Expressway.
Dover Downs, as seen from DE 1

Day Nine
Wednesday, August 6, 2003

VA 156 South at Interstate 64 East.
VA 156 South at U.S. 60. Continuing
straight will take you to Richmond
International Airport.
The Motel 6 of Sandston, Virginia, just
across the highway from the Richmond
International Airport.

Day Ten
Thursday, August 7, 2003

U.S. 60 East at VA 156 North.
VA 156 North at Interstate 64 East TO
Interstate 295 South - Norfolk/Rocky
Mount NC.
VA 156 North at Interstate 64 West
TO Interstate 95 - Richmond exit.
The West Virginia Welcome Center
on Interstate 64 West has a scenic
walkway. I took a little walk on the
pathway, and took these pictures.
WV 307 East assurance shield just
east of U.S. 19/WV 3 in Beaver.
"END WV 307" and U.S. 19/WV 3
signage as WV 307 draws to a
WV 307 West at U.S. 19/WV 3.
U.S. 19 South/WV 3 East at WV
307 East in Beaver.
Possibly the most famous thing on
the West Virginia Turnpike is the
Tamarack, which showcases local
artists' creations. The turnpike is
to the left, and the Tamarack is off
to the right out of view.
Now departing the Tamarack and
travel plaza.
In eastern Kentucky, there was a
torrential rainstorm which was so
bad that I pulled off to the side of
the highway. I happened to pull off
at the exit for KY 67, or the Industrial
Parkway. This shows the southern
end of KY 67 at Interstate 64.
The Motel 6 of Lexington, Kentucky.

Day Eleven
Friday, August 8, 2003

U.S. 60 East at Interstate 75 South -
Interstate 75 North approaching
Exit 111 - Interstate 64 East - 1/4
Interstate 75 North at Exit 111 -
Interstate 64 East - Winchester/
U.S. 27 North/U.S. 68/KY 4 East
at KY 353.
U.S. 27 South/U.S. 68/KY 4 West
at KY 353.
U.S. 27 North/U.S. 68/KY 4 East
at U.S. 27 North/U.S. 68 East.
U.S. 27 South/U.S. 68 West at KY 4.
U.S. 27 North/U.S. 68 East at
Interstate 75 South/Interstate 64
U.S. 27 South/U.S. 68 West at
Interstate 75 South/Interstate 64
U.S. 27 North/U.S. 68 East at
Interstate 75 North/Interstate 64
The Motel 6 of Columbia, Missouri.

Day Twelve
Saturday, August 9, 2003

"END MO 740" sign as the highway
ends at Interstate 70/U.S. 40 in
MO 740 North at Interstate 70/U.S.
40 East.
MO 740 North at Interstate 70/U.S.
40 West.

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Miscellaneous Pictures

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