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South Texas Roadtrip Part 2
March 16-18, 2005

For the 5th consecutive year, I took a roadtrip during Spring Break. This trip was shorter than the ones I took the last two years (Delaware Trip Part 1 and Spring Training 2004 Roadtrip) because of limited time off. This trip was still action-packed, with almost 1,900 miles driven in three days.

The trip took me from Oklahoma City through Houston, San Antonio, and other south Texas destinations. It followed mostly the same route as the original South Texas Roadtrip did, except this one was in the opposite direction from the original. Also, this trip included mileage along the beltways of Houston and San Antonio, including Interstate 410, Interstate 610, and the Sam Houston Tollway. After driving around Interstate 410 in San Antonio, I took Interstate 10 west to Interstate 20, then took Interstate 20 back to Abilene to meet up with U.S. 277, which I took home. The reason for this route is that I had not yet driven Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Interstate 20. Also, after this trip is complete, the only interstate mileage I need to drive to clinch Texas' interstate mileage is the 0.92 mile of hidden Interstate 110 in El Paso.

Map of Trip Route

South Texas Roadtrip Part 2 Map

Day by day...
Wednesday, March 16 - Drove 685 miles from Oklahoma City, OK to Sealy, TX | Pictures
Thursday, March 17 - Drove 759 miles from Sealy, TX to Midland, TX | Pictures

Friday, March 18 - Drove 443 miles from Midland, TX to Oklahoma City, OK | Pictures

Trip pages:

Trip Summaries

Interstate 35 | Interstate 44

Interstate 10 | Interstate 20 | Interstate 35 | Interstate 35E | Interstate 44 | Interstate 45
Interstate 410 | Interstate 610 | Interstate 635 | George Bush Turnpike | Sam Houston Parkway
Sam Houston Tollway | U.S. 75 | U.S. 277 | Loop 288

Page created: February 13, 2005
Last updated: July 03, 2005