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South Texas Roadtrip
October 16-19, 2003

During my fall break, I took the South Texas Roadtrip. The trip took me along the Gulf Coast of southeast Texas and to the southern termini of Interstate 35, Interstate 37, and Interstate 45. The first day I drove to San Antonio. On Day Two, I drove to Laredo and Corpus Christi, and ended up back in San Antonio for a second night. On Day Three, I drove east to Houston, then south to Galveston, then turned around, went through Houston again, and stopped for the night in Huntsville. On the fourth and final day, I drove home.

Map of Trip Route

South Texas Roadtrip Map

Day by day:
Day One - Drove 491 miles from Oklahoma City, OK to San Antonio, TX |
Picture Index
Day Two - Drove 489 miles from San Antonio, TX to Laredo, TX, and to Corpus Christi, TX, and back to San Antonio |
Picture Index
Day Three - Drove 398 miles from San Antonio, TX to Galveston, TX, and to Huntsville, TX | Picture Index
Day Four - Drove 379 miles from Huntsville, TX to Oklahoma City, OK | Picture Index

Trip distance - 1,779 miles

Trip pages:

Trip Home

Trip pages:

Day One:
Interstate 35 Oklahoma | Interstate 35 | Interstate 35E

Day Two:
Interstate 35 | U.S. 59 | TX 44 | TX 358 | TX 286 | Interstate 37

Day Three:
Interstate 35 | U.S. 281 | Interstate 410 | Interstate 10 | Interstate 45

Day Four:
Interstate 45 | Interstate 30 | Interstate 35E | Interstate 35 | Interstate 35 Oklahoma

Miscellaneous Pictures

Trip Summaries Page

Page created: February 03, 2005
Last updated: February 03, 2005