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Bayous & Blues Roadtrip
December 16-19, 2002

This roadtrip took me throughout the southeast and south-central parts of the country during the first week of my Winter Break from college. Monday I drove Interstate 35 South from Oklahoma City to Dallas, then I got on Interstate 45 South and ended up in the Houston area. Tuesday I drove east on Interstate 10 to Baton Rouge and Interstate 12 east to the New Orleans area. I also attended the New Orleans Bowl college football game that night between Cincinnati and North Texas and saw North Texas win 24-19. Wednesday I drove west on Interstate 10 through New Orleans before I exited north onto Interstate 55 through Mississippi and the southwest corner of Tennessee to West Memphis, Arkansas. Thursday I drove west on Interstate 40 and headed home.

Map of Trip Route

Bayous & Blues Roadtrip Map

Day by day:
Monday, December 16 - Drove 423 miles from Oklahoma City, OK to Spring, TX | Pictures
Tuesday, December 17 - Drove 448 miles from Spring, TX to Slidell, LA | Pictures
Wednesday, December 18 - Drove 435 miles from Slidell, LA to West Memphis, AR | Pictures
Thursday, December 19 - Drove 465 miles from West Memphis, AR to Oklahoma City, OK | Pictures

Trip distance - 1,764 miles

Trip pages:

Trip Home

Trip Summaries

Day One:

Oklahoma: I-35
Texas: I-35 | I-35E | I-30 | I-45

Day Two:

Texas: I-45 | I-10
Louisiana: I-10 | I-12

Day Three:

Louisiana: I-10 | I-55
Mississippi: I-55
Tennessee: I-55
Arkansas: I-55

Day Four:

Arkansas: I-40
Oklahoma: I-40 | I-240

Page created: January 29, 2005
Last updated: January 31, 2005