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Interstate 55 Tennessee

Interstate 55 is a major north-south interstate which runs along the Mississippi River for most of its length. It begins in La Place, Louisiana at Interstate 10 and ends at U.S. 41/Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois. It travels through Jackson, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; Springfield, Illinois; and Chicago, Illinois on its trek throughout the central United States. On the third day of the Bayous & Blues Roadtrip I drove Interstate 55 from La Place, Louisiana to West Memphis, Arkansas.

Mississippi State Line to Arkansas State Line
Pictures taken December 18, 2002
Note: Most of these pictures are very blurry. I apologize for the picture quality.

Welcome to Tennessee sign along Interstate 55 North. Interstate 55's time in Tennessee is short, however, as just 13 miles later the interstate enters Arkansas.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 2 - CR 175 - Shelby Dr. -Whitehaven/Capleville.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 5 - U.S. 51 - Elvis Presley Blvd./Brooks Rd.
Blurry shot of Interstate 55 North approaching Interstate 240 - 1/4 mile.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 6A - Interstate 240 East -Nashville. Interstate 240 is Memphis' outer loop on the southern side of Elvis Presley's hometown.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 6B - Interstate 240 West -Little Rock. Interstate 55 heads to the west at this interchange.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 7 - U.S. 61 - Third St./Vicksburg.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 9 - Mallory Ave.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 10 - S. Parkway.
Sign approaching Exits 12A-B indicating which direction U.S. 64, 70, and 79 go at the upcoming interchange.
Interstate 55 North approaching Exit 12A - East Crump Blvd. Interstate 55 exits off at the second loop of the cloverleaf interchange. This interchange is bad road planning at its worst!
Interstate 55 North at Exit 12A - U.S. 64/U.S. 70/U.S. 79 East - Crump Blvd.
Interstate 55 North at Exit 12B - Riverside Dr./
Downtown. The exit takes over the mainline as Interstate 55 exits to the right in this crowded cloverleaf interchange.
Gore signage as Interstate 55 exits to the west at Exit 12B. This sign was easy to photograph because of the traffic jamming into one lane to stay on Interstate 55.
Interstate 55 North at Interstate 55 South exit. This allows travelers to loop back to the south. The Mississippi River and Arkansas are just ahead.
Blurry shot of Interstate 55 North at Exit 12C - Metal Museum Dr. The Mississippi River bridge is just ahead.
Interstate 55 North mileage sign as the interstate is about to cross the Mississippi River. West Memphis is six miles away and St. Louis is 282 miles ahead.