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U.S. 59

U.S. 59 goes from Laredo, Texas, to Lancaster, Minnesota. The highway is signed east-west between Laredo and Beeville, Texas, but otherwise, it it signed north-south. On Day Two of the South Texas Roadtrip, I drove U.S. 59 from Interstate 35 in Laredo to TX 44 East just east of Freer.

Laredo to Freer
Pictures taken October 17, 2003

U.S. 59 East begins at Interstate 35. The
stoplight is the Interstate 35 North
frontage road. This is the only assurance
shield on eastbound in Laredo.
U.S. 59 East at TX Loop 20 on the
east side of Laredo. This is the final
stoplight until TX 16 in Freer, which
is 60 miles down the road.
The first standalone U.S. 59 shield
is this shield east of Laredo. Get used
to this landscape - the next town is
Freer, which, again, is 60 miles east
of Laredo. The speed limit is 70 along
U.S. 59.
U.S. 59 East at FM 2895.
U.S. 59 East at FM 2050. The Border
Patrol station is just past this
U.S. 59 East at TX 44 West.
U.S. 59/TX 44 East at TX 16 in
Freer. TX 16 is the longest state
highway in Texas, at a length of 541
miles. That is still well short, however,
of OK 3, which is about 620 miles.
U.S. 59/TX 44 East at U.S. 59 East.
U.S. 59 turns off the mainline, while
TX 44 continues straight ahead and
heads toward Alice and Corpus