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Trip Summaries

Thursday, October 16, 2003

The weather was beautiful as the South Texas Roadtrip began. It was a good thing, too, because I needed all the visibility to steer clear of Texas drivers who cut me off! I was in several traffic jams, one in Dallas due to an accident, one in Temple due to construction, one in Austin due to just plain traffic, and one in San Antonio during the Interstate 35/Interstate 410 duplex. Otherwise, it was an uneventful, but long, day.

Day One Trip Log:
Departed Oklahoma City, OK - 8:12 AM; mile 45,468
Murphy USA (Oklahoma City, OK) - Gas - 8:16 AM; mile 45,469
McDonald's (Gainesville, TX) - Break - 10:18 AM; mile 45,601
Grandy's (Italy, TX) - Lunch - 12:13-12:47 PM; mile 45,715
Love's (Pendleton, TX) - Gas - 2:03 PM; mile 45,797
Rip Griffin Travel Stop (New Braunfels, TX) - Break - 4:04 PM; mile 45,914
Arrived Motel 6 (San Antonio, TX) - 5:00 PM; mile 45,959

Friday, October 17, 2003

Besides cloudy skies and some light drizzle between Pearsall and Laredo, it was another beautiful day for driving. I drove to Laredo and saw the southern end of Interstate 35. Then I took U.S. 59 and TX 44 east to Corpus Christi, and saw the southern end of Interstate 37. After that, I went north on Interstate 37 and drove its entire distance, and ended up back in San Antonio for a second night.

Day Two Trip Log:
Departed Motel 6 (San Antonio, TX) - 8:15 AM; mile 45,963
Valvoline Instant Oil Change (Alamo Heights, TX) - Oil Change - 8:43 AM-9:22 AM; mile 45,974
Burger King/Exxon (Laredo, TX) - Lunch/Gas - 12:06-12:25 PM; mile 46,144
Citgo (George West, TX) - Break - 3:54 PM; mile 46,354
Arrived Motel 6 (San Antonio, TX) - 5:30 PM; mile 46,452

Saturday, October 18, 2003

It was a perfect day for driving on this Saturday. There was not a cloud in the sky for most of the day, and temperatures hovered in the 70s and 80s. I left San Antonio and after dropping off a family member at the San Antonio International Airport, I went towards Houston, then went to Galveston, then went back through Houston and ended up in Huntsville. I also clinched Interstate 45 on this day by driving the highway between Galveston and Houston. (I had already driven the rest of Interstate 45 during last winter's Bayous & Blues Trip)

Day Three Trip Log:
Departed Motel 6 (San Antonio, TX) - 9:10 AM; mile 46,470
San Antonio International Airport - 9:28 AM; mile 46,485
Diamond Shamrock (San Antonio, TX) - Gas - 9:35 AM; mile 46,488
Taco Bell/KFC (Sealy, TX) - Lunch - 11:53 AM-12:17 PM; mile 46,642
Exxon (Galveston, TX) - Break - 2:11 PM; mile 46,745
Exxon (Willis, TX) - Gas - 3:58 PM; mile 46,844
Arrived Motel 6 (Huntsville, TX) - 4:26 PM; mile 46,868

Sunday, October 19, 2003

The final day of the trip was another cloudless day of driving. I drove 379 miles from Huntsville to home. I think the average speed on the highways I was on throughout the day was about 90 mph, and whether I was in Texas or Oklahoma did not matter. I pulled into my driveway at exactly 4 in the afternoon after driving 1,779 miles since Thursday.

Day Four Trip Log:
Departed Motel 6 (Huntsville, TX) - 9:33 AM; mile 46,868
McDonald's (Huntsville, TX) - Breakfast - 9:37-9:53 AM; mile 46,868
McDonald's (Ennis, TX) - Break - 11:50 AM; mile 47,007
Taco Bell (Gainesville, TX) - Lunch - 1:32-1:50 PM; mile 47,113
Phillips 66 (Pauls Valley, OK) - Gas - 3:08 PM; mile 47,196
Arrived Oklahoma City, OK - 4:00 PM; mile 47,247