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Days 1-5
(OKC to Palm Bay)

Days 6-8
(Palm Bay to Charlotte)

Days 9-11
(Charlotte to OKC)

Day One:
Oklahoma: I-44
Texas: I-44 | U.S. 287 |
I-35W | I-820 | I-30 | I-20

Day Two:
Texas: I-20

Louisiana: I-20 | I-49 |
I-220/LA 3132

Day Three:
Louisiana: I-49 | I-10
Mississippi: I-10
Alabama: I-10

Day Four:
Florida: I-10 | I-75 | I-4

Day Five:
Florida: I-4 | I-75 | FL 826 | FL 836 | I-95

Day Six:
Florida: I-95
Georgia: I-95 | I-16 | I-75

Day Seven:
Georgia: I-475 | I-75 |
South Carolina: I-85
North Carolina: I-85 |
I-485 | I-277 | NC 16

Day Eight:
North Carolina: U.S. 74 | U.S. 1 | U.S. 220 | I-73 |
I-40 | Bus. I-40 | U.S. 52 |
I-74 | I-77

Day Nine:
North Carolina: I-85
South Carolina: I-85 | Business Loop I-85 | I-585
I-85 | I-285 | I-75
I-75 | I-24

Day Ten:
Tennessee: I-24
Kentucky: I-24
Illinois: I-24 | I-57
Missouri: I-57 | I-55
Arkansas: I-55

Day Eleven:
Arkansas: I-40
Oklahoma: I-40 | I-240

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Interstate 10 Mississippi

Transcontinental Interstate 10 serves the southern half of the country. Beginning at CA 1 in Santa Monica, California, Interstate 10 goes through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It goes through many major cities, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, Pensacola, and Jacksonville, where the interstate ends at Interstate 95. On Day Three of the Florida Trip, I drove Interstate 10 from Interstate 49 in Lafayette, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Florida, and on Day Four, I drove Interstate 10 from Pensacola to Interstate 75 near Lake City, Florida.

Louisiana State Line to Alabama State Line
Pictures taken December 13, 2003
Note: Several of these pictures are not very good. I will make an attempt to clear them up to make them a little better, however, no matter what, you can't take the rain away from these pictures!

"Mississippi Welcomes You" sign as Interstate
10 enters its 6th state on its 8-state journey
across the south. Interstate 10's time in
Mississippi is just 77 miles.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 2 - MS 607 - NASA
John C. Stennis Space Center/Waveland.
(Note: I failed to get a picture of the next exit
at MS 43 because there was a police SUV
sitting right next to the exit sign, and I didn't
feel it prudent to take a picture of the sign!)
Interstate 10 East at Exit 16 - Diamondhead.
(Sorry for the poor quality)
Interstate 10 East at Exit 20 - DeLisle/Pass
Interstate 10 East at Exit 28 - Long Beach.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 31 - Canal Rd.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 34A - U.S. 49
South - Gulfport.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 38 - Lorraine-Cowan
Rd./Bernard Bayou Industrial District, with
a special appearance by my windshield
Interstate 10 East at Exit 41 - MS 67 North -
Woolmarket. This picture actually doesn't
look that bad!
Interstate 10 East at Exit 44 - Cedar Lake Rd./
Cedar Coliseum.
Interstate 10 East approaching Exits 46A-B -
Interstate 110/MS 15 - 1 mile.
Interstate 10 East approaching Exits 46A-B -
Next Right.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 46A - Interstate 110/
MS 15 South - Biloxi/Keesler AFB.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 46B - MS 15 North.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 50 - MS 609 South -
Ocean Springs.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 57 - MS 57 -
Interstate 10 East at Exit 61 - Gautier/
Vancleave. Gautier is pronounced
"go-shea", like Shea Stadium in New York.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 68 - MS 613 -
Moss Point/Pascagoula.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 69 - MS 63 - East
Moss Point/East Pascagoula.
Interstate 10 East at Exit 76 - Franklin Creek