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Days 1-5
(OKC to Palm Bay)

Days 6-8
(Palm Bay to Charlotte)

Days 9-11
(Charlotte to OKC)

Day One:
Oklahoma: I-44
Texas: I-44 | U.S. 287 |
I-35W | I-820 | I-30 | I-20

Day Two:
Texas: I-20

Louisiana: I-20 | I-49 |
I-220/LA 3132

Day Three:
Louisiana: I-49 | I-10
Mississippi: I-10
Alabama: I-10

Day Four:
Florida: I-10 | I-75 | I-4

Day Five:
Florida: I-4 | I-75 | FL 826 | FL 836 | I-95

Day Six:
Florida: I-95
Georgia: I-95 | I-16 | I-75

Day Seven:
Georgia: I-475 | I-75 |
South Carolina: I-85
North Carolina: I-85 |
I-485 | I-277 | NC 16

Day Eight:
North Carolina: U.S. 74 | U.S. 1 | U.S. 220 | I-73 |
I-40 | Bus. I-40 | U.S. 52 |
I-74 | I-77

Day Nine:
North Carolina: I-85
South Carolina: I-85 | Business Loop I-85 | I-585
I-85 | I-285 | I-75
I-75 | I-24

Day Ten:
Tennessee: I-24
Kentucky: I-24
Illinois: I-24 | I-57
Missouri: I-57 | I-55
Arkansas: I-55

Day Eleven:
Arkansas: I-40
Oklahoma: I-40 | I-240

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Interstate 35W Texas

Interstate 35W serves the Fort Worth area. The highway connects to Interstate 35E at both ends, and is one of two remaining suffixed interstates (Interstate 35E/Interstate 35W in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, is the other one). On Day One of the Florida Trip, I drove Interstate 35W for about three miles from U.S. 81/U.S. 287 to Interstate 820.

U.S. 81/U.S. 287 to Interstate 820
Pictures taken December 11, 2003

Interstate 35W South at Exit 59 - Interstate 35W
North - Denton. This exit is really nothing more
than a turnaround for those wanting to go
north on Interstate 35W from U.S. 81 and U.S.
Interstate 35W South at Exit 58 - Western
Center Blvd.
Although barely visible here, this is Interstate
35W South approaching Exits 57A-B -
Interstate 820 - 3/4 mile.
Interstate 35W South approaching Exit 57B -
Interstate 820 West - 1/4 mile.
Interstate 35W South at Exit 57B - Interstate
820 West.