U.S. 13 Delaware

U.S. 13 spans from north of Fayetteville, North Carolina, to Morrisville, Pennsylvania, just across the Delaware River from Trenton, New Jersey. It is the main route for local traffic in New Castle and Kent counties, and is the main north-south route in Sussex County. On Day Four of the Delaware Trip, I drove U.S. 13 from DE 404 to DE 54. Much more pictures of U.S. 13 in Delaware and Maryland can be found on the U.S. 13 Delaware Highway Guide page.

DE 404 to DE 54
Pictures taken March 16, 2003

U.S. 13 South/DE 404 East at DE 404 East.
Sprinkles began to fall on the final stretch of
the trip there.
U.S. 13 South at DE 18 East.
U.S. 13 South at DE 18 West. We are
stopped at one of U.S. 13's many stoplights.
U.S. 13 South at DE 20 West in Seaford.
U.S. 13 South at U.S. 9 East.
U.S. 13 South/DE 20 East at DE 20 East.
U.S. 13 South at DE 30. The eastbound
signage is located out of view to the left. Why
can't they do it like Oklahoma does and just
put both directions on the same sign?
"Welcome to Delmar" sign along U.S. 13
South. The stoplight ahead is DE 54. Just
one more mile remaining, and I will be at my
destination after 1,460 miles of driving!

More pictures of U.S. 13 from the remainder of the Delaware Trip can be seen here.

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